Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Facebook's Fault!

The bad blogging lady is back and blaiming my inactivity on Facebook. I must admit I am a way. For all of you family members who keep checking this blog with disappointment, just get a Facebook account and you'll see where I've been! No really, I have just added blogging to my weekly calendar (how lame is that)so I can make it a priority. So here is a quick catch up on photos and I will try my best to remove myself from FB during my limited free time :)

Updates: Abram (13 weeks) is a hungry, hungry boy. He loves to eat! His is also the best baby ever. He just sits and smiles at me all day long and I love every second of it! He loves to talk and watch Maleina sing and dance. He is soooo sweet. He is around 12 lbs and seems pretty long. He is starting to grow out of his 3-6 months clothes. He sleeps like a champ - around 10 or 11 hours every night.

Maleina is back in preschool and dance. She is a sponge right now, soaking up every bit of information she can and asking 3 million questions a day. We just put her in big girl booster seat in my car. I can't believe she is turning 5 in March...where has the time went, sniff, sniff:( She loves the Lord and as you can imagine has millions of questions surrounding Him as well. She often wonders why she can't build a ladder to climb up and see Him. How sweet is that! She loves to build things out of boxes. I posted a couple of pics of a "sled" she built out of box pieces. She did all by herself with tape and paint. I love it...she's so creative. Anyway, sorry for the massive random collection of photos! Again, I will try to keep up.