Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maleina Is Growing Up

Maleina has lost her 1st tooth...can you feel me choking up? All these little milestones are so emotional for me because she is growing up and getting so big. Where has my little girl gone? Okay, so she's not that big but it's still so hard for me. On the other hand, Maleina was bouncing off the walls! She thought it was the greatest thing ever! The Tooth Fairy came and left her a whole dollar. We weren't sure what the going rate was these days and now we kind of wish we had left a quarter!

Maleina & Abram Love Each Other post down and a million to go!

There's something so special about siblings isn't there? There is a special connection and bond that is so different from the parent-child bond. I remember when we told Maleina I was pregnant and her first response was "Yes, now I don't have to be alone"! At first I laughed at her drama, and then in my over-analysis of everything, I started really thinking about what she said. She certainly is not alone, but something about having a sibling was going to be so different and special for her. This so far has proven to be true. Yes, I know Abram is young and they can't fight yet, but I am so enjoying their love for each other. He lights up when she walks into the room and she loves to hug him, kiss him, and of course entertain him in true Maleina style.

Abram is 5 months old and a true blessing! He is happy go lucky, sweet, smiley and a joy to be around. He loves to talk, laugh, eat, chew on his fingers, play with his feet, watch his sister, and giggle at his silly daddy. He was 15 lbs (54th percentile) at his 4 month appointment and I'm sure he packed on a few more since then. He was in the 60th percentile for his height at 25 1/4 inches. And in true Newsome style his head is in the 68th percentile...a little small compared to Maleina who averaged in the 90 percentile! But he still has a big noggin!

A few side notes: Beware, some of these pics are pretty old and can be recognized by Abram's hair of lack there of! Also, much to Anthony's disdain, I have affectionately nicknamed Abram, Abro. You will see my term of endearment on many captions to come!

Abandoned Post

Yes, I have abandoned my blogging post! But I have returned due to the hounding and many threats from certain know who you are! I will try to catch up all in one day?!?!

Below are pics from the Daddy Daughter Dance. I know...just the sounds of it melts your heart doesn't it? And it was that sweet - at least from what I saw. Maleina had an amazing time! What special memories. Can I just brag on my husband for a minute?? He is an amazing father. Really really amazing. He loves our kids so much and is so dedicated to them. He loves to just be with them and play whatever it is they want play at any moment. I love his heart, his playfulness and his dedication. I ask God to bless him all the time for how good he is to us.

Enjoy the pics and just imagine the sweet memories Maleina will carry with her for the rest of her life! Thank you Anthony!