Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Card Apology!

I know Christmas is the time of year we teach our children about giving but I REALLY love receiving Christmas cards from everyone! Which is why I am apologizing for not sending one this year! Hopefully everyone understands that an infant who wants to eat every 3 hours is a great excuse for not being "on the ball". It is also my excuse why I don't get dressed, am in need of a shower on most days and why my house is lacking in Christmas decor this year! Anyway, in lieu of a card here are some cute pics of Maleina and my little Santa baby Abram in front of the Christmas tree that Maleina decorated this year. Yes, I let her do it all by herself and she was not happy when Anthony mentioned he wanted to rearrange it!

Merry Christmas to all!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miss Worst Blogger of the Year

Okay so I've been a little busy with a newborn and have become the worst blogger in the history of blogging! Okay maybe I'm being a little dramatic but it has been way too long and I have some angry family members that want to see pictures of my kiddos. Here is a slide show of everything I have (sorry it's all lumped into one). I will try to keep up from this point forward. I am finally starting to get my head above water! The stats: Abram is packing on the pounds! He is currently 10 lbs 5 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. We go to the doctor on Friday so I will send a new update and hopefully some more pics. He has started to smile and is sleeping longer at night...praise the Lord! Maleina "loves Abram the most in the family" as she likes to put it. Which makes me a little sad as I take care of her all day long (and always remind her of that) but then I remember how amazing it is to have siblings and know that there is a special bond there which melts my heart. Wow that was a run-on sentence if I've ever seen one.

Here's a short camera ran out of space!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Abram is home...finally!

After almost 2 weeks in the NICU Abram is finally home and doing great! I took him to the doctor on Tuesday and he's currently 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. Maleina just adores him and loves to help me but wonders why he sleeps so much and when he will be able to play. I can understand that!! He is a really good baby...of course we are comparing this to Maleina who was quite possibly the hardest baby ever born.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Abram is here!

My little snuggle bear

Well, after a month of bedrest Abram Anthony Newsome came the day my doctor let me off meds and the couch! He was born on October 11th at 12:42 am (hopefully not a sign of his preferred schedule), weighed 6 lbs 4 oz. and was 18 3/4 inches long. What a good size for a 36 weeker! Unfortunately, he has been in the NICU since he was born. He is doing really well but was slow to eat. He is doing much better now and we are praying he will be home with us soon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Long trips to the bathroon already??

For a while now I have noticed that Maleina's trips to the bathroom keep getting longer and longer. Is she a girl or what! Seriously, in the morning before preschool she is sometimes in there for 20 minutes! What is she doing in there? Well, at first I just enjoyed being oblivious, liked the alone time and figured it was harmless but then I started to wonder...what is going on? So after a few incidents I listed a few of her favorite bathroom rituals below:

*Washing her toes (or stinky toes as well call them in our house. They aren't really stinky we just think that's cute to say) But how random is that?? And is she drying with my hand towel???

*Filling the sink with water to give Dora, Flying Barbie or whoever is available or dirty a bath. She has also overflowed the sink with this bathroom time favorite.

*Cleaning the bathroom...which I haven't actually seen yet. I just noticed that our hand towel is sopping wet after she's done?? I need to witness this so-called "cleaning". She's says "mommy come see how beautiful your bathroom looks"!

*And the picture above is what Anthony caught her doing last week. She filled up a jug with water and was washing her hands. Not so bad on its own. But when he returned to the bathroom she was just about to dip her toothbrush in the same water to brush her teeth!!! How gross!!

I'll post an update on anymore bathroom activities I discover!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams? Nope - it's Maleina

Okay so I know I'm being one of "those" moms but she's pretty good...isn't she!!! Here she is in action. A girl after my own heart. I can't wait to get out on the court and play with her!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mercy Ministries

The above video is the entire Joyce Meyer episode on Mercy Ministries.

Has anyone heard of this ministry? I just learned of it yesterday while watching a recorded episode of Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer (one of my favorites). It is quite amazing. The ministry takes in 18-28 year old females seeking freedom from issues such as: drug & alcohol addiction depression, eating disorders, unplanned pregnancy, physical & sexual abuse and self-harm (cutting) free of charge. The best part about it is they teach freedom through the blood of Jesus! They give these girls the opportunity to experience God's unconditional love & forgiveness. This is my ministry help girls just like this! So many girls today are suffering and I want them to experience the same freedom in Christ that I have. Anyway, check it's really neat!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ohio State Buckeyes

Can I just rant about my beloved Buckeyes and college football for a minute?? I know most of you reading this blog, excluding my husband, will not care one bit about what I am saying but I am on bed rest and have too much time on my hands :) Let me talk about the OSU, USC game. It was a BAD BAD loss...I mean really bad. Do I think that it hurt OSU not having Wells play - yes. Do I think it helped USC to have PAC 10 officiating - yes. Should OSU have played Pryor more and would it have made a difference - yes. Had all these circumstances changed would we have won the game - no. I am so tired of hearing the critics bash OSU for being an overrated team in a weak conference. Look at Oklahoma - the newest number 1 team in the country. Nobody even questions their ranking even when they haven't played anybody good this year. I realize they do have a few really good teams in their conference this year...just let me rant. Look at the Florida and USC upsets this week. They lost to no name teams (no offense to Ole Miss and Oregon St. fans) At least Ohio State beats everybody in our conference. Do I think it hurts us in big games to play in a so-called weak conference - of course I do. Do we (OSU) have a horrible record against SEC teams - without a doubt but the Big 10 in general plays pretty well against the SEC. Anyway, I am so tired of hearing the trash talk. I love my team win or lose, good or bad, overrated or underrated.
And just one more thing...doesn't college football make enough money without having to add special conference networks??? I HATE the Big Ten Network. We already pay extra each year for the College Game Plan so I can watch OSU games down here in Texas. But now this year they added the Big Ten Network. I have missed three out four games this year because of this money sucking network that I don't even think is available down here! Please - give me a break. Just let the fans watch our football!! Okay, I'm done now :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Maleina the Performer

My child has been a drama queen from birth. She is one-of-a-kind, full of life, over the top and just down right amusing. I love the personality that the Lord has given her. It is very challenging at times but also hilarious and sweet. She is also my little performer. Here is an unscripted, undirected, very dramatic, very serious, one-of-a-kind Maleina performance. Singer and song writer, The Lady Maleina, singing God loves you...Enjoy!!

For more Maleina originals please see the infamous Houseboat song and dance posted in August!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Sweet Baby Girl

I just had to post this picture of my sweet baby girl and the flowers she picked out to brighten my day. Anthony said it was all her idea and she picked them out all by herself. How sweet!!! And have I mentioned how amazing she has handled my bed rest? Seriously amazing!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Baby Shower and Awesome Friends!

Some very awesome friends of mine had a baby shower for me on September 13 (the day Hurricane Ike blew through north Texas). It was so wonderful and exciting that I went into preterm labor the very next day!!! Now the nurses at the hospital were joking that Ike threw the atmosphere into such a tizzy that it was having a full moon effect on the ER. Who knows!? Anyway that was totally off the baby shower subject...It was an amazing shower and I feel so blessed to have amazing friends and family. Thank you Jessica, Melissa and Crista for all of your hard work. You guys are just awesome (sorry I keep saying awesome, I don't know what my dealeo is)!!!! Love you guys :)

My Hostesses: Jessica, Melissa & Crista

My gorgeous sister Annette and equally beautiful mom Cheryl

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pretty Pretty Princess and Flying Barbie!

For all of you moms out there with little girls, you have to get the Pretty Pretty Princess game. You go around the board collecting jewelry to is soooo cute and Maleina loves it. We always try to take a picture of the winner, just in case Daddy wins, because it's hilarious. Of course I would never post that on the blog!

Also, here is a picture of Maleina dressed up as "Flying Barbie". I'm not sure the actual name of this barbie but it wouldn't matter anyway because she's already branded at our house. I love it! Now, Maleina decided that after I give birth to our baby boy, I need to immediately get pregnant with "her baby sister". Riiiiight! Anyway, she also decided the other day the her sister's name needs to be "Flying Barbie Newsome". What do you all think??????

First day of Preschool

I know I'm a little behind schedule here (preterm labor just messes everything up)!! Here are a few pics from Maleina's first day back to preschool this year. She attends Compass Christian Preschool (fka Highland Meadows) with her two best friends Claire and Jack. Duty called and Jack was running a little behind schedule on this particular morning so I don't have pics of him. (We love you Jack)! Maleina loves preschool but was a little disturbed her first week by "all this learning". They are teaching a lot more this year with a little less play time. She wasn't too happy about it at first but she's okay now. She has informed me that she would like to be a doctor when she grows up and I let her know she has a lot of learning to go if that's the case!

Monday, September 8, 2008

What's the deal with the packaging and not the goods?

I don't know about your kids but Maleina is way more interested in a box and its packaging materials than the actual item that was sent. Anytime we receive a box in the mail, she is in the box, on top of the box, under the box, gluing the box and building things from the box. What's the deal???? She has no interest in the item that was sent, even if it's a toy! Well I guess it just depends on the toy. But anyway, I think it's hilarious. Just the other day we received her new dresser in the mail, not that she would be interested in that, but she kept asking Anthony and I if we saved the "leftovers" from her dresser. She made a seesaw, some other random things and here is a picture of her below using the packaging as a veil. She said she was know...the mother of Jesus!

Click on the pic to enlarge.

The Belly

Okay, so I would not normally post pictures of just myself on this blog because nobody is really interested in me :)...just Maleina and the baby. But I have had numerous requests from friends and family across the U.S. wanting to see my belly. So here it is...although I have to say this picture does not show it in all its glory. I guess the black dress is doing its job!!!!

Click on the pics to enlarge.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I smell a rat...

Maleina loves to rat people out...not too sure why but she will rat anybody out at any time, including herself. Not sure if I should be thankful she's so honest or worried about her loyalty!! Anyway, here she is throwing her beloved Papa under the bus for trying to cheat while playing Chutes & Ladders :)

Ratting out Papa!

Play date at Chick-fil-A

We had a play date at Chick-fil-A the other day with Claire and Jack, 2 of Maleina's best friends from church and preschool. Unfortunately, I got the camera out after Claire left...sorry Claire, I'll get you on the blog next time!

Jack & Maleina

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back Track-Swim Lessons

Okay, so I'm know I'm back tracking here but this blog would not be complete without capturing Maleina's swim lessons this summer. It started out shaky to say the least but after much negotiation and many tears it was a success. The goggles were the key and they are captured for you here in all there goggle glory. For all you Maleina fans there are some great videos of her in rare or should I say normal form!

Swim Lessons

Maleina's houseboat dance

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anthony Surfing

Houseboat Vacation on Lake Oauchita

We just spent an amazing week with friends on Lake Oauchita in Arkansas. We rented a houseboat and as you can see from our pics we were fishing, tubing, surfing, swimming and relaxing. It was the perfect family vacation!