Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of Preschool

I know I'm a little behind schedule here (preterm labor just messes everything up)!! Here are a few pics from Maleina's first day back to preschool this year. She attends Compass Christian Preschool (fka Highland Meadows) with her two best friends Claire and Jack. Duty called and Jack was running a little behind schedule on this particular morning so I don't have pics of him. (We love you Jack)! Maleina loves preschool but was a little disturbed her first week by "all this learning". They are teaching a lot more this year with a little less play time. She wasn't too happy about it at first but she's okay now. She has informed me that she would like to be a doctor when she grows up and I let her know she has a lot of learning to go if that's the case!


Anonymous said...

What cute pictures! She sure is growing up. Yea, I don't agree with all the extensive learning they incorporate into such a little one's day at school...little ones need to be playing! (I guess that's why I homeschool!) But that's just my opinion (and Maleina's too apparently)!