Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ohio State Buckeyes

Can I just rant about my beloved Buckeyes and college football for a minute?? I know most of you reading this blog, excluding my husband, will not care one bit about what I am saying but I am on bed rest and have too much time on my hands :) Let me talk about the OSU, USC game. It was a BAD BAD loss...I mean really bad. Do I think that it hurt OSU not having Wells play - yes. Do I think it helped USC to have PAC 10 officiating - yes. Should OSU have played Pryor more and would it have made a difference - yes. Had all these circumstances changed would we have won the game - no. I am so tired of hearing the critics bash OSU for being an overrated team in a weak conference. Look at Oklahoma - the newest number 1 team in the country. Nobody even questions their ranking even when they haven't played anybody good this year. I realize they do have a few really good teams in their conference this year...just let me rant. Look at the Florida and USC upsets this week. They lost to no name teams (no offense to Ole Miss and Oregon St. fans) At least Ohio State beats everybody in our conference. Do I think it hurts us in big games to play in a so-called weak conference - of course I do. Do we (OSU) have a horrible record against SEC teams - without a doubt but the Big 10 in general plays pretty well against the SEC. Anyway, I am so tired of hearing the trash talk. I love my team win or lose, good or bad, overrated or underrated.
And just one more thing...doesn't college football make enough money without having to add special conference networks??? I HATE the Big Ten Network. We already pay extra each year for the College Game Plan so I can watch OSU games down here in Texas. But now this year they added the Big Ten Network. I have missed three out four games this year because of this money sucking network that I don't even think is available down here! Please - give me a break. Just let the fans watch our football!! Okay, I'm done now :)