Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Baby Shower and Awesome Friends!

Some very awesome friends of mine had a baby shower for me on September 13 (the day Hurricane Ike blew through north Texas). It was so wonderful and exciting that I went into preterm labor the very next day!!! Now the nurses at the hospital were joking that Ike threw the atmosphere into such a tizzy that it was having a full moon effect on the ER. Who knows!? Anyway that was totally off the baby shower subject...It was an amazing shower and I feel so blessed to have amazing friends and family. Thank you Jessica, Melissa and Crista for all of your hard work. You guys are just awesome (sorry I keep saying awesome, I don't know what my dealeo is)!!!! Love you guys :)

My Hostesses: Jessica, Melissa & Crista

My gorgeous sister Annette and equally beautiful mom Cheryl


Shannon said...

FUN - I'm so sad I missed it! You look GORGEOUS by the way - I love that dress.

Team Harry said...

It was so much fun!! Im so glad that God let us bless you with a shower before you were put on bed rest!!

Team Harry said...

Can you forward me some of your pics from the shower??

Anonymous said...

So cute. Now. I'm ticked. Where was my invitaion HUH????? :)