Friday, October 3, 2008

Long trips to the bathroon already??

For a while now I have noticed that Maleina's trips to the bathroom keep getting longer and longer. Is she a girl or what! Seriously, in the morning before preschool she is sometimes in there for 20 minutes! What is she doing in there? Well, at first I just enjoyed being oblivious, liked the alone time and figured it was harmless but then I started to wonder...what is going on? So after a few incidents I listed a few of her favorite bathroom rituals below:

*Washing her toes (or stinky toes as well call them in our house. They aren't really stinky we just think that's cute to say) But how random is that?? And is she drying with my hand towel???

*Filling the sink with water to give Dora, Flying Barbie or whoever is available or dirty a bath. She has also overflowed the sink with this bathroom time favorite.

*Cleaning the bathroom...which I haven't actually seen yet. I just noticed that our hand towel is sopping wet after she's done?? I need to witness this so-called "cleaning". She's says "mommy come see how beautiful your bathroom looks"!

*And the picture above is what Anthony caught her doing last week. She filled up a jug with water and was washing her hands. Not so bad on its own. But when he returned to the bathroom she was just about to dip her toothbrush in the same water to brush her teeth!!! How gross!!

I'll post an update on anymore bathroom activities I discover!


The Houston's said...

That's hysterical! Ethan enjoys his time in the bathroom too! I think it's something about water play.

Shannon said...

This is so funny! I can't imagine the bathroom wait time in our house once the girls get older! Scary...

Anonymous said...

How funny! My kids love the water too. How they manage to have more water on the floor than in the bath, I won't ever know. But hey, they're doing what they do best: BEING KIDS!

Team Harry said...

Funny!! Ally and Catelyn do a lot of bathing their dolls in the sink... They love using up all my good Bath and Body works soap!! I just had a talk with Ally about the amount of water she waste in her bathroom... I don't think she gets it yet : )